The big picture – balancing your career and your life

Coastland | DCCM provides an environment for our employees to thrive in. Balancing work and family and finding satisfaction in our job are central to our culture. Your career is important, but it’s not your whole life.

Positive environment built on trust and common interests

A supportive and team-oriented spirit is the trademark of our company’s culture. Unique personal relationships among all levels of our organization make us like family.

Engineering Design Manager
By far the best company I have worked for in my career. Coastland | DCCM’s positive team-oriented environment, work/family balance, and career advancement opportunities make this an ideal place to work.

Construction Manager
I have worked for a number of different companies and joining Coastland | DCCM was the best career decision I ever made!  Working here is an enriching experience with opportunities for growth. I love that Coastland | DCCM champions diversity, innovation and community involvement, and promotes a healthy work-life balance. I wish I had known about this company earlier in my career!

Plans Examiner/Inspector
I really enjoy working for Coastland | DCCM, the opportunity to learn from industry giants has been such a privilege. Everyone is so willing to share their insights and knowledge encouraging growth. Also, the amount of support and teamwork that goes on is amazing which makes it possible to have a real work/family balance.

Associate Engineer
I’m only a few years into my civil engineering career and I needed to make a change to advance my career. I joined Coastland | DCCM and it has been the best decision. This company supports staff, especially when it comes to work-life balance, continuing education, mentorship, and support of personal development. I am very excited to continue growing as a civil engineer and as an individual with the support and guidance of this company.


Building Permit Technician
My time at Coastland | DCCM has flown by, which is often the case when one enjoys the work they’re doing and the people they work with. It’s great to work in such a supportive environment and for a company that continues to support my professional growth and development. My skillset continues to grow through the classes that I’m encouraged to take, including CALBO and local trainings, as well as from a team of co-workers who are always open to sharing their wealth of knowledge – spanning from building codes and regulations to great cooking recipes!

Assistant Construction Manager
Joining Coastland | DCCM right out of college has been a pivotal step to kickstart my career. Eager to apply my college degree in a meaningful way, I found the perfect fit here. Coastland | DCCM has allowed me to bridge the gap between construction management and civil engineering through hands-on experiences that are both challenging and rewarding. Collaborating with our friendly, motivated, and supportive team has made coming to work fun. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

“Coastland has been a go-to firm for construction inspection services. Their staff constantly foresee issues before they happen, saving both time and tax payer money. Their in-the-trenches understanding – literally – of how to build projects and partner with contractors has been a benefit to our community.”

Hunter Young, City of San Rafael