Project Description

Coastland | DCCM prepared an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan for Yuba City to assure the City’s conformance with the latest accessibility standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act, the 2010 ADA Regulations and Standards, and the current California State Code. This involved review of sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, signalized intersections, bus stops, and street furnishings within the street rights-of-way to address conformance with the latest ADA standards and provisions.

Coastland | DCCM provided City staff members with customized ADA inspection forms and offered detailed training for City inspectors to complete the field work in-house. Training involved a comprehensive discussion of current regulations for inspection of sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, signalized intersections, bus stops, and street furnishings.

Coastland | DCCM reviewed all field data which was collected by City inspectors and assisted in the preparation of cost estimates to bring non-compliant facilities up to current standards. Based on this data, Coastland | DCCM prepared the Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan to methodically address non-compliant facilities and identify appropriate, cost-effective remedies. The Plan provides the City’s Public Works Department with priorities for barrier removal, opportunities to address ADA deficiencies with other public works projects, budgets and phasing and anticipated timelines for needed improvements.


“Coastland assisted Yuba City to find a cost-effective solution to develop an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan within a very short timeframe. They are very knowledgeable in current and proposed regulations, and provided professional guidance, review, and recommendations to the City.”

Diana Langley, City of Yuba City