Project Description

Since becoming the City of Piedmont’s contract City Engineer in 2011, Coastland | DCCM’s services to the City include as-needed attendance at coordination and City Council meetings, answering public inquiries, and managing the City’s capital improvement program.  Coastland | DCCM provides capital project oversight, design, bidding assistance and construction management and inspection services.  Services also include coordination and approvals through Caltrans Local Assistance.

The City is committed to increasing transportation choices for residents and reducing dependency on automobiles.   High priority projects will aim to keep the City safe and pedestrian friendly, improve bike routes and bus services, and provide safe and feasible transportation alternatives.

To date, Coastland | DCCM has provided project administration, design, construction management and inspection for over 50 capital projects.  Coastland | DCCM is currently working with the City to update the Pavement Management Program (PMP) by performing complete inspections of the City’s arterial and collector streets.

Coastland | DCCM has also provided contract Building Department Services to the City of Piedmont since 2011.  Our services include processing and tracking of all building permits, maintaining building department records, tracking of all plan reviews, performing plan checks, building inspection and code enforcement.  Many plan check projects have been high-end residential homes. Plan checks include reviews for structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, access, architectural, and energy code compliance.

“Coastland has consistently provided the City of Piedmont with a high-level of municipal engineering expertise and guidance. They raised the level of professionalism and spearheaded efforts to ensure we provide a consistent, high level of service to our residents. Most importantly, Coastland’s people are of solid integrity, easy to work with, and excellent ambassadors in representing our interests.”

Chester Nakahara, Public Works Director, City of Piedmont