Project Description

Coastland | DCCM is currently assisting the City of Novato with development engineering services, providing in-house support to the City each week. Services include the following on an as-needed basis:

  • Review of tentative maps, conditional use permits, use permits, parcel maps and other entitlement applications for proposed developments, make recommendations and prepare conditions of approval.
  • Check improvement plans to ensure compliance with conditions of approval, good engineering practices & City Standards.
  • Check parcel and subdivision maps for compliance with City Standards and the Subdivision Map Act.
  • Review easements and/or dedications for accuracy & conformance to City requirements.
  • Attend meetings with applicants and/or developers to discuss development projects, concerns, conditions of approval.
  • Attend City meetings with Planning, Engineering and other departments, as needed, to discuss proposed developments

“Coastland has consistently provided the City of Piedmont with a high-level of municipal engineering expertise and guidance. They raised the level of professionalism and spearheaded efforts to ensure we provide a consistent, high level of service to our residents. Most importantly, Coastland’s people are of solid integrity, easy to work with, and excellent ambassadors in representing our interests.”

Chester Nakahara, Public Works Director, City of Piedmont