Project Description

Coastland | DCCM provides plan and map check, engineering design and inspection services to the Town on an on-call basis. Coastland | DCCM’s development review services have included issuing encroachment and transportation permits, providing development conditioning, plan and map check and construction inspection services, attending Planning Commission and Town Council meetings, preparing staff reports and resolutions, and more. Our construction managers and inspectors support the Town during construction. We also act as the Town Surveyor and sign maps for technical correctness in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act.

“Coastland has consistently provided the City of Piedmont with a high-level of municipal engineering expertise and guidance. They raised the level of professionalism and spearheaded efforts to ensure we provide a consistent, high level of service to our residents. Most importantly, Coastland’s people are of solid integrity, easy to work with, and excellent ambassadors in representing our interests.”

Chester Nakahara, Public Works Director, City of Piedmont