Project Description

The Meadow Lane Effluent Storage Facility consists of four ponds that were all in need of repair. Coastland | DCCM has provided Construction Management and Inspection services during improvements of Ponds B, C and D. The most recent project involved repairs to the embankment to control seepage at Pond C, the second largest pond at the facility. The repairs consist of cleaning and abandonment of the existing pipeline, stripping and disposing of organics, interior dike excavation, over excavation, bentonite incorporation and bentonite enhanced soil liner, pond bottom grading, import of fill material, toe drain and down drains, riprap rock slope protection on dike, dike roadway construction and curb and gutter placement.

“Coastland has gone out of their way for a small City. Their staff has shown a keen interest in the City’s goals and an in-depth understanding of how to achieve them. Their construction inspection and design staff has been a great asset to the City.”

Tim Kiser, City Engineer, City of Grass Valley