Project Description

Since 2009, Coastland|DCCM has assisted the City of Piedmont in developing, updating and implementing the City’s Pavement Management Program (PMP). Coastland|DCCM has been responsible for all aspects of the City’s paving program including assisting the City in street selection, development of PS&E, bidding and construction management and inspection of all projects.  Types of treatment have included AC pavement overlay’s, slurry seals, rubberized cape seals, micro paving and complete road reconstruction. Coastland|DCCM carefully evaluates each street to recommend the most cost efficient and effective repair methods.  Additionally, as part of the development of the PS&E, Coastland|DCCM also evaluates other “Complete Streets” elements within the project boundaries including pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities, to ensure that any needed upgrades are included in the project.