Project Description

Coastland | DCCM teamed with the City of American Canyon to provide constructability review, construction management and inspection services for this $2.2 million project, involving the construction of a 1 million gallon above-ground welded steel recycled water storage tank and 18-inch recycled and potable water pipelines. The construction involved site improvements, an access road, concrete ring foundation with earthquake tie-down anchors, electrical and instrumentation, inlet mixing system, grading for the future 2.5 million gallon welded steel potable water storage tank and associated improvements. The tank is a critical component of the City’s recycled water program and will store 1 million gallon of tertiary-treated water from the City’s wastewater recycling facility.


“I have worked with a dozen or more engineers over the last 20 years on multiple projects and the Coastland staff surpasses all of them in the quality of knowledge, professionalism and workmanship. When discussing Coastland and their services I always speak with the utmost respect.”

John Hamner, General Manager, Callayomi County Water District