Project Description

As City Engineers for the City of Cloverdale, Coastland | DCCM was responsible for the update to the City’s Water Master Plan. At the time of the Plan, the City’s population was approximately 6,500. With an anticipated increase of nearly 2,000 in population we worked with the City crews to accurately identify older, undocumented infrastructure. The master plan included water system planning, water supply source, demands and future required improvements. Also included were a review of the well water supply, treatment facility, and storage distribution system. A computerized hydraulic model was prepared to evaluate the multi-pressure zone system. Field tests were performed to verify the model accuracy. Water production requirements and storage requirements were established. Also, due to the issues associated with the Russian River underflow, a section of the plan discussed the City’s water rights and supply issues. Coastland | DCCM performed the analyses based on General Plan Land Use information to determine water demands for City buildout scenarios. The model allowed for accurate analysis of existing piping systems and was instrumental in identifying pipes that needed to be upsized. Recommended capital improvement projects and associated costs were provided.


“Everyone is really impressed with how the job turned out on this end. We are constantly getting compliments. I appreciate everything you have done for us.”

Dale Withers, Facilities Director, Pacific Union College