Building departments are dedicated to providing superior customer service while ensuring codes for safety and structural integrity are met. However, at times it is difficult for jurisdictions to maintain efficient turnaround times. High workload and limited staffing capacity overwhelm building departments, which can cause undue delays in the plan review process, especially during peak building months.

Accordingly, many cities and counties have implemented third party plan review and inspection programs to help expedite the process and meet the growing needs of the development community. When authorized, Coastland | DCCM contracts directly with the applicant to provide plan review and/or inspection services.

Coastland | DCCM is an approved third party provider for many agencies throughout Northern California. Our credentialed staff of registered engineers, architects, Certified Access Specialists and Master Code Professionals can assist in a wide range of projects. If you are considering expedited plan review support, please contact us for details, rates and guidance. We can also supply a list of jurisdictions where Coastland | DCCM is approved to provide third party plan review services.

AC Marriot

“I have worked with Coastland since my local jurisdiction began using third party plan review firms. Their plan examiners have always shown a comprehensive knowledge of all applicable codes and ordinances. They consistently provide relevant correction comments to my design plans so permit issuance can be obtained in a timely manner. Given a choice, I now use Coastland exclusively and highly recommend their third party plan review services.”

J. Lee Buckingham, AIA, Auburn, CA