Quality Control for Reliable Construction Oversight

With a management style focused on quality control, Coastland | DCCM’s construction managers, resident engineers and inspectors monitor the quality, cost and schedule of your construction project, while ensuring complete adherence to the contract documents. Our professionals are not only highly credentialed, they also offer hands-on experience in the construction industry. This experience gives our team practical knowledge to effectively manage any type of capital project.

  • Construction Management, Resident Engineering and Field Inspection
  • Cost Estimating
  • Constructability Reviews, Civil Engineering Support and Quality Assurance
  • Bid Administration
  • Public Relations and Notifications
  • State and Federal Labor Compliance & Admini Save stration
  • Progress Meetings, Status Reports & Documentation
  • Submittal Management and Request for Information (RFI)
  • Cost & Schedule Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Claim Management
  • Project Closeout and Record Drawings
  • CESSWI Certified Inspection

“Ghilotti Construction Company over the years have had the pleasure of working with Coastland | DCCM on many projects and for many municipalities. These municipalities include County of Sonoma, City of Santa Rosa, Town of Windsor and City of American Canyon to name a few. Coastland | DCCM has always presented themselves as experienced and professional in representing the municipality. What stands out with their team is their attitude to put the project first and work with both the municipality and the contractor to mitigate the issues that come up on construction projects quickly and fairly to all parties involved. We highly recommend Coastland | DCCM as a Construction Manager on any Public Works Project.”

Dale Mahoney, Area Manager, Ghilotti Construction Company